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  • Blueskies Blueskies Dec 3, 2008 01:36 Flag

    come on sunderland

    RK was a respected player but his judgement does seem to be some way off the mark. especially if it is true that he has spent nearly 70 million quid. There's something wrong somewhere..
    That #$%$ performance tells you that clearly.
    I think theres too many Championship grade players in the team starting with Jones and Craig 'Lurpak Butter' Gordon...
    there's tougher times ahead starting with MUtd.

    As for Big "Sham" you can't be serious -- he'd set the club back even further

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    • As a Newcastle fan I wouldn't wish Fat Sam even on you lot. Can't agree with people calling Jones a championship player either as at times last season I thought he looked one of the most dangerous strikers in the division and his poor form lately is mainly due to him not being fully recovered from his injury (don't forget he came back early). Now you've got a bit of money to spend you are inflicted with what NUFC have had to put up with for years, ie, a lot of fair weather fans who dont remember the bad old days and expect the team to win every game and boo like little kids at a panto when they dont. I agree some of Keane's buys have been laughable but take it from one who knows sacking managers is not usually a good idea! Keep the faith and get behind Keane and the players.