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  • Mr Fox Mr Fox May 4, 2009 14:03 Flag

    end of the road

    keep right on to the end of the road you know the one a19 south and keep on going you lot will get football done away with as i can only listen to tv or radio now i can switch off but the fans stay and suffer why not boycott some games and let these so called prima dona's get no support you deserve better than this heap of s--t my heart really goe's out to supporters but enough is enough nothing has changed over the years same old story we will cope well stay away and enjoy life with your familie's on week ends sorry but some must be done mr fox

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    • Yes i have noticed you have a truly awful football team Mr Fox no flair and no commitment ,your boys did not break sweat for such an important fixture.it is well there are other bad teams around you as you would have been dead and buried by now.The North east teams ,well Wearside and Tyneside, do not deserve the support they both get.