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  • Mr Fox Mr Fox Jun 22, 2009 17:16 Flag

    bend the ball

    well none of you have a[good] memory mr shackleton played for newcastle then saw the light and came to sunderland when he retired he went south africa so he headed east first then south cheers mr fox

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    • I stand Corrected Mr Fox and Can I say That is a Lovely Photograph!
      Many People have a Lot of time for the Fox,But My Friend Farmer Brownski Hasn't any time For Them as Only Last Week Two of them Stole his Tractor.
      But You seem like a Nice Fox Mr Fox so Please don't think I am Accusing you of Tractor Trafficking It is Just an Indication of the Times we Live In.
      As far as I am Concerned its Those Shifty Looking Cows that are up to No good.