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  • Mr Fox Mr Fox Sep 21, 2009 14:31 Flag

    no brucie bonus

    some should tell mr g gorden that he can tuoch the BALL before it enters the goalnet ?? the only time he touch,s it is to pick it out ofthe net £9 million ouch and aton ferdi wants stop going to sleep during a game just like his brother rio when he plays for england never mind they still pick up good wages for being idiots

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    • yes i saw all them BUT i would not call them great but nice of you to remind me of them jim my monty was good but not great good to have a decent reply all the same mr fox

    • Yes. My father-in-law reckons Scotland had great goalies before that - Jimmy Cowan (Morton), George Farm (Blackpool), Tommy Younger (Hibernian), Bill Fraser (Sunderland), Ronnie Simpson (Newcastle) Neil Martin (Aberdeen), all in the 1950s.

    • you are right stanley we cannot find a really GOOD english manager thank you for your comments mr fox

    • Sadly there has been a serious lack of quality keepers for as long as i can recall,but also the team in general, not since the 70s has Scotland had a decent team.The trouble has been lack of home talent coming through ,due to the influx of Scandanavian players signed up for instant results.

    • Steve Bruce says that he came to SAFC because of Gordon. He recalled the season before last, when Gordon's saves were the only thing that came between Sunderland and relegation. Last season he was injured and spent a lot of time out of the team. It's often not the GK but the frail defence in front of him thta's to blame for goals going in, as was te case yesterday. Richardson's ridiculous back pass was one you wouldn't even see in schoolgirl football. Give Gordon a chance, get off his back, and IF you're a Black Cats supporter, start supporting!!!