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    A winger and a fullback

    Looking at your team, the 2 places where you don't look like you have european quality players, would be right back and quality wingers.

    Steed, Reid and Rrichardson are all good players, but they seem to be your weak spots. CB, CM and FW are all of a very good quality probably top 6 or 7.

    Bent, Campbell and Jones are all good forwards and compliment each other with their variety of styles.

    Cattermole and Cana are bothe hard work, tough tackling quality players. I was shocked they both went for so cheap, Cattermole has so much potential and Canas' class was already known. Henderson seems like he has a lot of potential to.

    CB you have quite a good few players, with Turner being a great signing and what I hear of Silva, he is also a good pedigree of player.

    Right back is the obvious weak point, unless you play silva there, but he's still more of a CB. Bardsley just isn't up to European standard, which the rest of your squad is.

    I here your looking at Hutton, I think he'd be good signing. He's been unfortunate that injury pushed him out of the side. With a run of games, he'll be a good player in the prem. It wasn't so long ago that all the top 4 were looking at him.

    Bring in someone like Bentley or another player who has quality but hasn't been given the run he needs as of late, and he could be a revelation with a run of games.

    With a winger or 2 and a quality right back, you easily have a top 6 or 7 team. I was actually surprised at the amount of top signings Bruce was able to make.

    From a united fan who's been impressed with your squad this season :)

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    • I am an interested Liverpool onlooker with a vested interest in your result this weekend.
      Congrats to Bruce and his boys, you really made the mancs sweat and fully deserved to win.
      There is one major reason why you didn't.
      Richardson is rubbish - that's why the mancs got rid of him.
      He showed us again this weekend just how useless he is with another outstanding display at lb.
      Now, now don't just knee jerk and stick up for your player.
      Take a long serious look at exactly what he did for you in this game. Ignore the sending off, that was just the icing on the cake. Prior to that Richo was just about MoM for utd with his poor pases and continually being caught out of position.
      If utd had played their rw, Valencia from the start then you would have been up to your necks in it.
      Luckily SAF got the tactics/personnel wrong and your guys just about did the job.
      Good luck for the rest of the season but seriously, you have to get rid of richo if you want to get anywhere.