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  • Muh Revolution Muh Revolution Oct 14, 2009 20:49 Flag

    Are we good enough for the top 7?

    I think so!
    do you?

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    • good enough for the top 7? are you for real? you are only 3 points away from the drop zone, time to have a bit of a panic esp when u look at who you ahve to play in the next 3 games...
      1, Stoke, they are 1 place above you
      2, Wigan, 1 place below you
      3, Portsmouth, rock bottom
      If you cant get anything from them you will be deep in the s**t!
      and to be honest your team are playing with absolutley NO conviction so it isnt going to be easy for you, even agains the worst team in the prem!

    • let us STUFF liverpool then we will see what happens ??? here,s hoping mr fox

    • With a right back (possibly a left back though I think McCartney is half decent) and a quality winger I think you have the squad to be up there, whether or not they'll actually do it though is debatable.

      I think if you bought Bentley and Hutton or players of similar quality that haven't been given a chance, then you have a very good squad. Who knows Brucey may pluck some more quality out of South America.

      Either way down the spine you are very strong and have good players to bring in when first teamers are out injured. That is usually the difference between teams finishing in the top 10 and finishing in a European place; strength in depth.

    • Yahoo headline : Clegg kicks Quins to victory

      I wish to god he'd do it for our Quinn's - and very sooooooon!

    • Probably not yet. Teams like Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool have been building (and continually improving) their squads for many years now, and its easy for them to attract quality players because success really does breed success. At the same time, 4 points out of Man U and Liverpool (and we all know it should have been 6) is the best we've earned in my memory (which I admit isn't what it was) and it shows we're moving in the right direction at last. I expect SB to go into the transfer market again in January, and as another poster has said, he hasn't done much wrong yet. We have every reason for optimism.

    • not a hope in hell

    • Yes, they're good enough for top 7. The problem is they haven't yet come to terms with how good they are. When Chelsea or Arsenal go to Birmingham they KNOW they'll get something and bang five in. When we go there, we THINK we'll get something and sometimes slip up. It's just that bit of confidence, that bit of attitude that's missing. We don't yet KNOW we're good enough and maul the lower opposition. That's the difference. From what I've seen this year, it'll come though. Guys like Cana, Cattermole, and da Silva don't go out there to lose.