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  • I watched clips of the match with interest and particularly the post match comments by SB.
    Fulham turned up far too cautious perhaps because of the midweek European game. Had they went for it they could have won 2 or 3 -0.
    As for Sunderland the players were walking about like match stick men in plaster casts. Cattermole couldn't be bothered to stick a foot out and get a ball near the byline - shows there's something missing. As usual Brucie's after match comments boiled down to the players being unable to turn it on in front of 40,000.etc...great in training.. we'll get there....

    I think this director Ellis has got his finger on the eject button.
    He comes from US where most people know nothing about UK soccer and he is presented with Roy Keane, Man United, International, Medal Winner etc.... They bankroll him for 70m. Ellis watches Keane and doesn't like what he sees for his return not only from the money point of view but as a person,, Keane goes and they escape relegation by the skin of their #$%$ (thanks to Ricky).

    Enter Steve Bruce- almost the same package and wrapping than RK except probably sold to Ellis as less volatile than Keane.. The club bankrolls Bruce as requested (30 m?) and they are hanging on again by the skin of their #$%$ a year later.
    And we hear that SB is going to knock on the door again and ask for another 30M to take the "next step."

    Anyone watching football fan or not will see that its #$%$ being produced and covered up with waffle. This guy won't put up with it and I think Bruce will be gone by the end of the season