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  • richie richie Aug 22, 2010 09:29 Flag

    england's nationa; team set up

    this is probably a terrible idea ,and coming from an Irish man too, but ye never know, methinks it has merit,
    by the looks of things your national team looks to be in a shambles looking difficult to fill positions with qualtiy players,
    what if, the england team became the U.K. team, think about it, Wales,N.Ire and Scotland to be fair are not going to win anything on their own, ,most of their good players outside of their respective countries play in the english leagues,
    over the years if you could have used Best, C.Gordon,Bale,Bellamy etc ..i think a UK team would go alot further than the England ,Wales,Scotland or N.Ire, teams.
    we've done it with our national rugby set up where players are selected from both the republic and northern ireland and we changed our anthem accordingly .
    the bottom line is all supporters of the home natons would love to see thier respecitve nations win something....

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