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  • christine christine Mar 2, 2011 07:34 Flag

    4-5-1 or 3-5-2 formation at SAFC

    No team should play with only one man up front- what can one man do without support? Playing one man up front seems a very negative approach. Sunderland have a good enough team, - but, unfortunately for us as supporters, they don't seem to have the fighting spirit / desire to win as the NUFC who have no better players but seem to come out fighting to win.
    Think Malbranque shows GREAT spirit - some of the team appear far too casual, - and they MUST learn to defend set pieces!! If no-one can get up to knock away a corner then Gordon is tall enough to jump for it - so why don't his defenders give him the space to get to it? - and why is there NEVER anyone on the back post? - even when they are attacking they don't go up in numbers to bombard the box. Apart from all that.....if they hadn't had so many bad decisions against them by poor refereeing they could have had about 8 extra points. So, to finish,.... why don't refs get yellow then red carded for CONSISTENT poor quality decisions which are costing teams vital points?