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  • Tony G Tony G May 2, 2011 18:26 Flag

    A new striker!

    If you want one of the best strikers in the world, go to FC Seoul and get Dejan Damjanovic. Who? Yes, Dejan Damjanovic a Serbian/Montenegran, if you don't beleive me phone Sir Alex up or just look at the 2 goals he scored against ManU on their Asian tour. Made their defence look like a bunch of school kids!!!

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    • What you really Tony is a clear out of duds starting with Bruce. You'll stay up but must start again

    • But do you think he could do it with the (lack of) service he'll get from our worse than useless midfield? Because in the current set up, and with the current manager and coaches, I doubt even the late great Harry Houdini could magic goals! If we have to start again, we should start with a clear out of those no hopers first. If NQ isn't man enough to say 'enough is enough', he should stop bleating about fans staying away and look at the reason.