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  • stuart d stuart d Jun 14, 2007 03:53 Flag

    Fernando spits the dummy out!!!!!!

    As good a driver as I think he is, he's only himself to blame for being behind Lewis in the championship.

    Battered the car on the first lap, first corner even at Canada. Made some bad errors at Bahrain, and Spain.

    He's claiming Lewis, being a Brit in a British team is getting preferential treatment. I can't see that happeneing at McLaren, it certainly never did with Coulthard when he was team mates with Mika, or with Kimi.

    Lewis may get a little more attention as he's a rookie and new to the business. But after investing the money Ron Dennis has in this lad, and with the undoubted talent he's got, who wouldn't.

    Sour grapes me thinks on Alonso's part.

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