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  • James James Aug 26, 2007 22:35 Flag

    Fernando spits the dummy out!!!!!!

    Not quite sure what your point is here. I think your bitterness has affected your 'logic'. It's nothing to do with being British; just a comment on Alonso and his tendency to make up excuses for not doing better. He is a fantastic driver but that doesn't excuse his tantrums. As for your comments on many rookies doing well in their first year, just name ONE rookie that did as well as Hamilton! You can't. He has broken all records for F1 rookies, FACT! He may not reproduce this again, but so far he is outdriving everyone. Also a driver can only drive the car he is in, so it is unfair to criticise Hamilton for winning races in a good car. Stop making predictions and derogatory comments that are prejudiced. Wait for ten years then judge how good Hamilton is.