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  • JOHN JOHN Apr 5, 2007 14:46 Flag

    the final ball that didn't leave the bowlers hand

    No one seems to have raised the issue of the final ball which he did not release-gamesmanship? very off putting for Bopara. SHOULD IT HAVE BEEN A NO BALL WHICH WOULD HAVE TIED THE GAME WITH ONE MORE BALL

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    • pressure? or gamesmanship? That's the question right? Which ever it is of the 2 dilhara did it to perfection! That's themodern game of cricket. That's why it is so interesting compared to cricket of the old. I love the mind games and the words spoken out there it shows passion and the eagerness to win.

    • It's all in the game of Cricket and it was within the rules of the game, we see plenty of incidents in the current world cup where the bowler would run up but not deliver, this could be he would have over-stepped his mark or lost rythem, what amazes me was there was no mention of why the umpire was trying to change the ball when 7 deliveries was left to complete the innings, if the ball was not changed would Bopara been able to drive the next delivery for 4 or would he have been bowled out?

    • that is a tad low though.
      Nonetheless Bopara could have just as well done the same thing and left his wicket at the very next delivery just as the bowler was fixing to release, wouldnt have done anything other than have the bowler double guessing his own strategy

    • The umpire didn't deem it a no ball and had that been incorrect than the fourth official would surely have corrected him. C'mon just accept the defeat as a: did well but not quite good enough. At the top level it's often the small details that matter but yet again we've fallen short. If you cant blow teams off the park like the Aussies/SA than you have to win the tight matches to progress pure and simple. Sri Lanka did it and they're now probably thinking that they can and should be playing MUCH better.

    • Do not think about it. That kind of things always happend because of the pressure. That is not the only reason for the defeat of the England.But batsman should concentrate on the ball whenever it comes.