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  • wayne wayne Apr 9, 2007 02:01 Flag

    kevin pietersen's selfish hundred

    does anyone aelse believe pietersen cost england many runs by playing for his hundred vs australia, i believe he is aa selfish , but what can be expected from a man that would betray his country to gain persoanlly in sport

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    • I think everyone else has said it perfectly mate, Your talking rubbish. If we could get a few more people making selfish hundreds we would be more in the running for the world cup.

    • Quite right. One totally selfish and arrogant plater. Is it really suprising that england did so well in australia after he went home on "sick leave"?

    • Pietersen is not a good sports man and I can say that from the way he behaves on pitch. I mean he always swears for starters.
      Like yesterday he swore at McGrath just cause during test Cricket McGrath bowling broke his rib, get over it i mean players have had a lot worse and also against Sri Lanka when he got caugth out he swore walking into the changing rooms.
      Well i don't think he desevres to get any runs this whole touranment, i think there are so many better players than him and who know how to behave on pitch.
      Sorry if I have offenend anyone but it's my opnion and everyone is intitled to one.

    • KP played brilliantly,could have used a bit more savvy,and crossed when he was going to be caught.He is not the problem,Beefy has been banging on ad nauseum about changing our first three bats,now we have nothing to loose,Fredie is out of touch with the bat and has not got a clue against spin. Vaughan does not deserve his place as a bat.If vaughan is to remain as captain switch him and Freddie round ,they can`t do any worse----Can they??Monte is not doing much with the ball ,would it be better if he was rested and Dalrymple selected,he is not as good a bowler but our batting and fielding would be greatly improved

    • KP selfish then is he? Scoring a hundred when wickets around him are falling left, right and centre not good enough for you? Or is it perhaps that he's not REALLY English in the same mould as MR England Carrier (ahem!) Flintoff?

      Obviously it was/is alright for Flintoff to get all the aplaudits and fame after the 2005 Ashes and perform average at best since then but NOT ok that KP gets out despite scoring more than anyone else and single handedly try and hold our innings together.

    • lets face it kp 100 wasn,t going to be enough to beat australia because yet again people like vaughan and flintoff failed with the bat.vaughan if he had any honour would resign as captain.and as for flintoff well he should go back to doing what hes best at being drunk and in charge of a pedalo.with a few exeptions the england team are nothing more than a bunch of overpaid barflys.they should be bought home now they are a disgrace to this country.

    • Yes. I agree..he seems to be supported by the english commentators

    • I think Pieterson needed to dig in and keep one end going as wickets were falling fairly regular.

    • Pietersen might be a typically arrogant South African. He may also leech all team spirit from any team he plays in. However you can't slate him for scoring a ton against the Aussies. Especially when the likes of Flintoff and co continually take the #$%$ out of the people who have paid to go to Aus and the Carribean by finding it more important to act the laddo than performing like professional sportsmen representing their country. Good on Pietersen for showing a little professional pride.

    • English people always go on about how they're the best supporters in the world but here's another example where you take every opportunity to slate your own players and coaching staff... It's not just cricket... You do it in the football as well..

      So what exactly did you want Kevin Pieterson to do? Get out and not score a century?

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      • Hey ben_stranks #$%$), that`s rich coming from an aussie. You lot go into overdrive when you lose a game, blame everyone from the groundsman, weather, commentators etc. The fact that people on this thread are venting their spleen is that yet again, England as a team failed to perform and they`re letting of steam rather than going and beating their wives about. When australia got whipped in the chappell/hadlee series, the crowd were even leaving the ground before the game even finished, so don`t go putting you and your kind as wonder supporters.Very few comments after on any aussie message boards too, perhaps that was because you all went back into your caves and started watching #$%$ afl ? When you win, you come all out like the barbers cat....full of #$%$ and wind !
        As an aside, Flintoff failed with the bat again, Vaughn was as inept as ever and thank god for Bell & Pieterson who at least made a fist of it. We lack depth, plain and simple and got beaten fair and square !

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