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    Do England now qualify for the minnows World Cup

    England appear to have achieved an all time low by becoming probably the first International Team to lose International status - Well thats what it feels like to me - I hope the Management Team are now satisfied that their lack of vision and poor leadership along with poor Team performances (with one or two exceptions) make them happy. For too long the Team has been built around the old boys network (If your face doesn't fit you cannot get in no matter how talented you are) - Vaughn is not a proven 1 day player so why is he there ? The main strike Bowlers (what a joke) can rarely bowl straight - Sajd Mahmoods wides in the last over against Sri Lanka cost us the game. At least Nixon comes out with some credit but why is he there ? I cannot believe we have so few qualified keepers. I hope they feel as sick and embarrassed as I do and I am not out there. I am glad I didn't spend my hard earned cash to go and watch them - I will see better performances and games in local village cricket this summer. However, at least being British I can take some solace and delight at the perfomances of the Irish Team - they not only tried but also enjoyed the experience which is more than the England Team have done. Lets hope the England Management and Team donate their personal salaries from this debacle to a worthy cause because they certainly haven't earned anything for this shambles. To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

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    • Your that bad they wouldnt let you in cause your pishe and you know you are ha ha ha lets all laugh at england

    • I also feel that England could learn a lot about attitude from the Irish and feel utterly let down. I have expressed my feelings a couple of times in this and the 'Cricket' site. It certainly does not pay to have 'heroes' - they usually let you down. Flintoff still seems to have tremendous support amongst the younger set, but I lost respect for him and the England management when he appeared at 9 am for that victory parade in 2005 staggering and carrying a glass. What a waste of talent.