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  • Striker Striker Apr 18, 2007 03:52 Flag

    Inquest!! - Firing Squad is required!

    After that dismal exit display against South Africa the call is for an inquest into the performances in the Ashes & now the World Cup. I say, forget about the inquest and shoot the lot of them! - worst ever displays by an England team - and hand back the M.B.E's NOW, you are not worthy of them.

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    • It's very easy to criticise, and we Brits are pretty good at it, except we never bother to think WHY they're not performing well. Don't you think it might be a case of burn-out? The England XI has been playing cricket virtually non-stop since 2005.Personally, I think that's just absurd. What ever happened to the "off season"?
      No-one can go on for ever, so I believe it's time for the lads to get a well-deserved rest.

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      • how about 2 years

      • Are you mad? Too much alcohol at the weekend or did the extra heat and sun affect your thinking process? Statements and analysis like yours make me wonder why those people making them watch sport in the first place.

        'They' deserve a well earned rest do they? Yeh, lets give our useless cricket players all the rest in the world and then schedule the Cricket diary and tournaments around them shall we? EVERY TEST PLAYING NATION plays too much cricket but they still get on with it dimwit. And BTW how do our players spend their time resting? Simple they get #$%$.

      • Right..So you are telling me, an eilte team of sportsman who are full time and paid a fortune for what they do are "burnt out" and need a rest.

        You are either Duncan Fletchers sidekick or you dont have the first idea about Sport or Cricket for that matter. Australia have played about 20 games more than England and are destroying everything in their path.

        The fact is, England are distracted, and have gone the same way as the football team, a bunch of half arsed over paid fuckwits who think they deserve a shirt no matter how they perform cos they are run by boards, managers and selectors who are utter utter idiots, in both streams.....

        In most cases they should be replaced, my Sunday league Cricket team play with more passion, even with a hang over (note that Flintoft).

        What an idiotic statement to make.....Preprare to be insulted by half this board...