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  • gunners192 gunners192 Apr 18, 2007 18:11 Flag

    vaughan & co.

    almost lost for words after that shambles...no passion , no guts, no application. We need to re build NOW. Only 2 players in my opion are worthy of any credit...Pieterson & Collinwood. Vaughan is #$%$.not worth his place Yorkshire 2nd x1..strauss out of sorts, bell is hit & miss. Panasar ? well really has not lived up to the hype. As for Mahmood..#$%$ is the only word l can think of..the wicketkeeper is all mouth & gum shield. been watching cricket for over 40 years now and this lot are an all time low. Sack Fletcher & Graveney...maybe bring in Botham & Bob Willis at management level. 2 guys who know the game and talk sense. We need to look at the attacking cricket played by all the other top teams...l mean 9-0 after 8 overs and SA were about 80-0..that says it all.

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    • Well all i can say is we the weakist team in the cup even the irish made us look bad

    • The players were very bad,but Questions need to be asked about the people who actually pick them.

    • You have summed it up to perfection. Agree with everything you say bar a couple of points. Think Nixon and Bopara have been the better middle to lower order players and certainly show the guts that were sadly lacking by other players against RSA. Mahmood's bowling has been far too expensive and Freddy, for whatever reason didn't have the impact everyone was expecting. Botham and Willis in management level would be excellent, but do you think the authorities would have someone like Beefy in that sort of position ? After all, he liked to enjoy himself with a drink and a smoke. Not Cricket old boy. It's about time the ECB got rid of their victorian attitude towards the game and used the people that would benefit the England team best.

    • Could not agree more, also must mention how completely overhyped and useless is flintoff???? He has the johnny wilkinson complex whereby he actually starts to believe the media in the fact he is the england team!!! His actions in this world cup were typical of him with yobbish and bullish attitude overshadowing his complete inability on the field.
      get rid of him and re-build.