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    Sri Lanka and their cheating bowlers?


    I love cricket,

    Probably like most on here, but one thing that gets my goat is illegal 'actions', the sri lankans are well known for it. When I saw Malingers action in slow mo, to me it was near no difference to a baseball pitch.. His action is nothing like a proper action, and we all know about mully's indescretions in the past, can I ask why world cricket has to put up with this? If you can't bowl a ball properly, then why play the game? I dare say every country has a thousand malingers, but we don't play them because we have pride, something sri lanka seems to lack, it's all about the winning. Mark my words watch malinger's slo-mo and see him snap the wrist, why not just pitch like a baseball pitcher? I'm just wondering why the cricketing bodies allow them to get away with blatant cheating?

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    • iam sure your crying becouse your team dident come to finals, i just wannna tell you that he is an excellent bowler he deserved it like others, dont try to be a another aussieeeeeeeeeees or english cricketer always try to cut the head who perform well, we proude ourselves what he have acheved so far.srilanka is a small country but one of the best cricketing nation at the moment.

    • My Friend

      why are yo so upset about srilanka having class bowlers , guess you cannot bare the fact that srilankans are better at the game you invented and that we always humiliate you .


      thought you were a cricket fan!!!!!


      and ... i cant understand the fact that umpires renowned to be the best in the world umpired in the games that murali played and said nothing against him ... OR MALINGA!!!!!

      it's only you and a few others who feel that they are chucking .YOU MIGHT HAVE A BETTER FUTURE AS AN UMPIRE .. WHY NOT TRY!!!!!



    • Thie is really funny, your view is contrary to the views of all commentators including your own Ian Botham and Nasser Hussein.A slinging action does not amount to throwing,and also marrying a filipino does not make you a non racist.If you cannot accept the verdict of the cricket world there is more to it than meets the eye

    • Sri Lankans love their cricket and play the game in true spirit.....I love to watch them play!

    • I think you are a foolish person. what do you know about cricket?. Dont insullt our cricketers

    • the reason bowlers from all countries may pass as legal is simple, when tested they bowl half to 3/4 pace in a biomechanics laboratory, which happily shows bend or not in the arm but requires no bowler to bowl at the pace they do in actual matches, it's the same for all , so as its the rules we must live with it, if they make a bowler bowl at game pace by radar gun we will lose too many bowlers from world cricket to rules designed before the human bodies actions were truly known

    • I have to laugh at the replies that I'm 'racist'. Considering I'm happily married to a fillipino, I'm hardly going to be racist about anyone from the sub-continent am I? My beef is with the bowling actions, regardless of anyone's colour or creed, if you are cheating you shouldn't be playing. The reason I raised the question was merely to see if anyone else agreed with my opinion. Having looked through numerous msg boards there are thousands of us. The really funny thing is on all message boards, instead of talking about bowling actions, and maybe helping me understand why Malinga et al are deemed 'legal', no, we have people repeating the same old 'racist' arguement. I'm from Birmingham in the UK, and I'm already sick and tired of people trotting out the race card whenever they deem it necessary to explain anything. So how about it? Can anyone tell me or help me understand why these bowlers, (from which ever country) deemed legal?

      Yes I supported England, yes I was disappointed, but this post isn't sour grapes, we played poorly, with several key players well under-par, I didn't expect us to get to the semis tbh. I would have preferred to have seen NZ get to the final because they would give the Aussies a run for their money. Sri Lanka are a great team in the field, they also have a good batting order, it's just when I see the slo mos of malinga in particular, it just looks to me like he's chucking. I am not a cricket 'expert' by any means, however I have been playing and watching the game for near 25 years, so I do have some knowledge.

      Anyways good luck to the finalists, I can't see anyone derailing the Aussie express, but I'd best be quiet now, before some one accuses me of being a racist AGAIN!

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      • I think your giving the bloke a hard time, its his opinion and he's entitled to it. Because you don't agree with him doesn't mean he is racist, they are some grey areas in sport. Excuse the pun, but not everything is black and white. The fact that bowling actions have been scrutinised by various cricket governing bodies is proof of that. If they have been cleared to bowl, then thats fine. Ben has a right to disagree. As it happens, I think they chuck it as well! But, thats just my opinion!

    • How come that you, basically a man on the street, know more about suspect bowling actions than the rest of the world. I played cricket for over forty years at a high league club level and can see nothing wrong with the actions.

      Please read the rules of cricket related to the bowlers action.

      An action is not illegal just because you do not like Sri Lankans or whatever.

    • Anyways who gives a damn if you get the goat or not. Their bowling actions have been scrutinised and found to be legal. PERIOD.

    • No I reckon Ben's a kiwi. Fruit tastes a bit sour straight after getting your boarding card. If Ben were English he'd now be writing messages on the football message boards with the rest of the country.

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