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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 25, 2007 17:13 Flag

    Sri Lanka and their cheating bowlers?

    i tell u why the cricketing world lets them get away with it, its because they are not naive and racist towards people from the sub condinent.
    i expect ur an england fan right? you would not be complaining if malinga played for england in fact you english guys whould give a MBE by now!

    just stop being baised towards sub continent teams, just because we have more passion for the sport then you british and alot more talent you guys have to start calling us cheats!

    and one more point mate, you said u luv watching cricket and ur a big supporter. ok go and watch SHAUN TAITS action in slow motion and also a bolwer called FIDEL EDWARDS and see if they throw the ball as well! and also while ur at it go and see WASIM AKRAM and WAQAR YOUNIS bowl thous reverse swinging deliveries which the british media call "ball tampering" in 1992! but when the england team used the same trick to win the ashes its called a "scientific ART" lolzzzz

    IDIOT learn sumthing about cricket before making a stupid comment!

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    • Thats a load of rubbish he thorows it down. It's called cheatin play the game right. I hope australia cane Millinga all over!

    • just ask around, everybody I talked to wanted The cheats known as sri lanka to get thrashed by Australia in the final and the chucker murali to be smashed to all parts. If you want to talk about integrity ask the cheats skipper to explain telling his bowler to run up and not deliver the ball in the last over against england, real sportsmanship !, as for the chucker he has wrecked well over 100 years of Test averages and many years one day international averages. any country in world cricket could produce chuckers, whats the point, win anything by cheating and you have won nothing but contempt.

    • What is cheating? During the last World Cup in the super eight's Sri Lanka beat England and Ravi Bopara was awarded the man of the match from the loosing side(any player on debut has to make a mark so his 50 was not important as England (commonwealth) lost), Sri Lanka Beat New Zealand and the man of the match was awarded to Scott Styris of New Zealand the loosing side because he scored a 100 in vain to see his team loose (at this level in the competition one is expected to perform any way) finally Sri Lanka lost to South Africa by one wicket but the man of the match went to Charles for taking 5 wickets (many have taken a 5 wicket haul in the history of the game) Why did they not give the man of the match to Lasith Malinga who took 4 wickets in 4 balls and created history not only in World Cup but in any test or ODI, I think if you come from the sub-continent you have to be very special thanks Sri Lanka has just proved to the world that they are not only Asia's pride but Cricket's pride too. now go and check who was cheating in the first place.