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  • Sanjiv Sanjiv Apr 25, 2007 19:13 Flag

    South Africa V/s Australia

    Well the time has come (tonight - IST) for the clash of clashes. Although EVERYBODY is saying Australia i somehow feel that South Africa might just pull it off. Australia is under tremendous pressure as the whole world expects them to win (the cup) whereas south africa might just go and make a match out of it.....? say what ......?

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    • tough or brave call. if only you could delete past messages.

      tactically the safricans out-thought... well, themselves - althought i dont know why anyone would play four bowlers that are almost carbon copies of each others (right hand 130 odd kph seamers - one a bit of a swinger), when that type of bowler is as common as pie in the aus domestic scene.

      australia should have been under more pressure. but the safricans countered this by playing up the fact they got the no1 world ranking recently, and saying that they are 'happy being favourites'??? they then went in today saying they are 'as confident as they have ever been' (what possible basis would they have for this against this team?). over pumped, they then followed the one plan that has failed for almost every single decent team that played australia in this world cup 'lets attack mcgrath' (now the leading wickettaker and likely player of the series). being poor against spin, they obviously didnt look at any tapes of hogg - or it didnt do them any good. and finally they played to a preset plan, and didnt seem to adjust this plan to the conditions (ie, ball swinging - even mcgrath was swinging it). any tactics in the second part of aus's innings was notable by their abscence.

      althought without the batting strength of sa, sri lanka have a much more diverse and positive attack, and their fielding has improved. their batters play alot behind square though, rather then dominant and straight, and can thus be a bit streaky (except for jayasuriya), so i cant see them chasing a big score. so i think the performance of their excellent bowlers is the key. batting first, they will probably want to get around 250 and trust their bowlers to come through for them (which they keep doing). batting, they wouldnt want to be chasing much more than that. so (and lets hope) if sri lankas batting holds out (they didnt perform well last encounter), it should be a cracking game.
      that would be a great climax that could save a fairly dull series!

    • looks like aussies handling pressure, like um say world champions always do?

    • South Africa! 'Klap 'n aussie once! Klap 'n Aussie twice'
      The boys will pull it off tonight!
      World cup final: Sri Lanka vs South Africa