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  • TONYRAY G TONYRAY G Apr 29, 2007 18:01 Flag

    boring "world cup"

    As we come to the end of the most boring and one sided world cup we must consider the question, What's going on'? The fans have been exploited, again. The monoply coverage by Sky TV is indefensible. How and why are they allowed to get away with it? The BBC has not yet reached the 21st. centuary as regards their coverage of any sport!!! The cup should be reduced to a maximum of four weeks with only the eight strongest teams participating, some hope.

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    • Cricket sux big time now-all about money and advertising-can mr. holding,mr.botham, mr. kapil dev, mr waseem akram and mr ranatunga and mr tony greig pls take over the ICC and do something before we all completely lose interest