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  • $*KrishiBoy*$ $*KrishiBoy*$ Apr 29, 2007 22:55 Flag

    Not a fair game

    At least for semifinals and finals they have to play full matches (50 Overs). D/L method is good but not for semifinals and finals,...so disappointing. There should have been a reply for bad weather. Very pity about the situation..if weather goes bad always first batting side will be the beneficiary.

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    • Duckworth lewis is for a genius even the computer could not keep up with the weather according to the score board

      what a way to predict an out come of a world cup .. they should have stopped play and waited until sunday and played all the match on a level playing field ie an all dry pitch I wont predict the result as it would have probably been the same but sod that for a game of soldiers wet pitch 85 + miles per hour

      and a few dodgy bowling motions from the opposition to say the least ( all passed by the powers that be) oh for a double jointed arm and an ablity to chuck ooops sorry throw a ball straight at some one else at gosh noes what speed