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  • marc marc May 25, 2005 02:58 Flag

    Reds to win 2-0 in Istanbul

    Chelsea fans know nothing, you are just bitter that you can't get into this final unlike Liverpool and Milan the 2 most successful teams in Europe. You can keep your rubbish players, Drogba, Gudjohnsson, Smertin, Gallas, Makelele, Huth, Tiago etc

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    • We're not bitter... we won the league remember?

      You know... the sign of success in English football?

      Wait... have Liverpool ever won the Premiership?

      Oh no...

      I thought Real Madrid and Milan were the most successful European teams?

      Dude... your facts are so filled with bias it's unbelievable.

      You give Liverpool fans a bad name - how can you even say Makelele is poor? When he's regarded as the finest holding midfielder in Europe? Statistics speak for themselves.

      Gudjohnsen turned the Carling Cup final match... and since then capped a wonderful season with a mercurial performance against Manchester United, I'd have thought an ardent 'Pool fan would appreciate such a beating?

      Gallas is also one of the finest centre halves in Europe. He's played out of position all season, and still played magnificently. He has pace, power, passion and committment.

      Huth is only 20 and a German international... need I say more?

      Tiago is adjusting to premiership football, he's had a good season when required. Smertin is committed to the cause, and Drogba has popped up with some notable performances.

      I'm not so sure about your 'we've already won it mentality' though. I mean come on... it's AC Milan - sure they're not Champions of their country...

      It'll be an interesting game, but on the showing of this season, when Liverpool really required to win games, and play for a win (as you need to do every game in the league) they came unstuck against teams like Palace...

      Going on the fact Harry Kewell... is likely to start up front, I'm thinking that Rafa is shooting himself in the foot. It'll be a dull and close game... with Milan just shading it. If you win... you can gloat then... fact of the matter is... UEFA Cup football... should be fun!


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      • Some good points but Milan are probably the most successful team in europe based on European Cup wins, European Cup winners wins and serie a wins.

        The team is capable of playing badly and winning which it has only been doing in the last few rounds as you get to the end of a tiring season.

        Milan is also capable of turning on a massive show.

        The last few results will not be a reflection of the final tonight. We have an English against an Italian team. My guess is that Liverpool will come out blazing like they did against Juventus and put the frighteners on but Milan will win by holding themselves at the back and thanks to their strike force whihc is pretty tasty (at least before Abramovitch buys Shevy).

        But really - at the end of the day- Man U aren't in the final and they haven't won anything so Ha Ha Ha!!

      • Why do you keep using words such as Sensaional, Magnificent, Chelsea are not that what you should call them is Abramovich's cheque book.