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  • Joe Joe May 27, 2005 19:16 Flag

    Lucky Scousers

    Meh... as a Chelsea fan, I don't understand his comments...

    We've both had successful seasons...?

    Manchester United won nothing...

    Why the anger :o)


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    • It's nice to read something POSITIVE from a Blues fan. Sure the semis were a fairly dull affair and the whole 'was it a goal/should the goalie have been sent off and Liverpool awarded a penalty' arguement is as dull as this year's FA Cup final, but the final against Milan will be remembered by EVERY football fan as the greatest game of all time.

      We may have rode our luck somewhat against Chelsea (despite Baros having a couple of solid chances to score) but to come back from 3-0 down against a far superior team (Milan were stunning in the first half) proved that Liverpool are capable of pulling out all the stops and creating magic once more.

      And yes, the main thing is that Ferguson, Giggs, Keane et al were left with nothing but dust in their trophy cabinet this season. Nevermind Alex, i'm sure they'll let you on the 'Tour of Anfield' so you can see the Champions League trophy up close (behind bullet proof glass). And don't worry about rushing to see it, it'll be there forever! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!