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  • joanne joanne May 26, 2005 17:01 Flag


    As a Derby County supporter who moved to Liverpool 4 years ago, I was backing the reds to win, but can I just say what an absoloute honour and privledge it is to be living amongst th fans in Liverpool.
    The whole city has been awash with a sea of red and white flags, scarves and posters in nearly every house window for a week now, and there has been a definate buzz amongst the people. Last night and this morning has bought a lump to my throat to watch the people of Liverpool celebrating a fantastic win that will go down in history as a classic.
    No matter who you support, if you are a true football fan, there is only one team you should be applauding today.
    WELL DONE LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I agree totally. Having lived in Liverpool for 3 years the performance last night typified the Scouser. Always looking on the positive, not taking themselves too seriously, self belief born from a proud football history and never giving up. Just look at the City in the '80's down and nearly out now going for cultural capital. Unbelievable. Good for Liverpool, England, football and Sport.