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  • oopss... made a silly mistake.

    It was Carvalho that blocked Valdes when Terry scored the winner.
    Btw... Thiago was "skillfull" too when he successfully hide his handball against Liverpool when Chelsea visited Anfield... while Dudek was just not good enough to save a deflected shot (if not wrong, deflected by Carragher) by Joe Cole in that match.

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    • After Drogba was sent off for a challenge that was nowhere near as bad as Baros' on Cech before the goal?

      Barcelona were outplayed.


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      • Is ther a trophy for outplaying Barcelona ?

      • yo... no hard feelings mate... juz that don't really like it when people condemn teams with the luck to win a cup.

        I have to agree that Liverpool are lucky in a sense for CL... but I would still say that Chelsea won the Carling Cup, the match at Anfield with some luck too. However, Chelsea did win (against Liverpool) deservedly at Stamford Bridge.

        One last thing... Carvalho have escaped (if I have not miscounted) 3 yellow cards in CL (2 in the match against Bayern), one penalty call... well, he did pull the shirt of Carragher... plus a few more fouls (my apology as I cannot recall all matches). Anyway, the ones I have stated can easily turn the match around.

        And if anyone were to claim a team undeserved winners in CL... then:
        1. Milan are undeserved as PSV were the better team.
        2. PSV are undeserved as Lyon could have blasted all the way through... if not for the pks.
        3. Chelsea are undeserved as like I mentioned in the previous posts.
        4. Juventus are undeserved... well, they haven't been playing impressive football this season, imho.

        Man... I can find all the reasons for a team to be undeservingly win a cup... so why don't just let the results be... and look forward for the next season.

        Keep cool. ;)