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  • It's quite sad to see how petty and pathetic some people can be. Why don't you all just grow a pair of testicles and say what you really mean. You hate the fact that Liverpol won because you all wanted chelsea to be there. You wanted a trio of cups and are moaning becasue you were pipped to it by a club that boasts fans with love and players with determination that can't be bought by some dodgy Russian.

    Face the facts, the Liverpool players dug in and literally gave blood, sweat and tears for that win. They simply wanted it that much more and they got it. I will admit that they had a bit of luck, maybe Gerard did dive, maybe Dudek left his line on the penalties, but every team gets their bit of luck. It was Liverpool's night. They had the luck and used it well. That's the game of football.

    You may not like it, but Liverpool are European Champions and nobody, or nothing can change that. If you were in this position, I don't think you'd be whining like a school girl. To top it all off, it's highly likely Milan would've whipped Chelsea on the night; so just get over it.