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  • Dean Dean May 26, 2005 18:02 Flag

    Hows this for a solution?

    Isn't it plainly obvious that Everton are going to be lambs to the slaughter while Champions Liverpool take no part at all in next years champions league!?

    I have come up with a cunning and well thought out solution: Why don't UEFA give Liverpool the final champions league qualifying position and kick Everton out. I am a Charlton supporter and have watched many games this year in which the only team I saw that were worse than us was Everton. Boring and classless! Thomas Graveson's steam helped everton trickle to the line and now the best team in europe Liverpool are left with the UEFA cup next year and will face teams such as AK MUDFLAP and FC CURLYPUBE. I'd like to make this message my official stand to UEFA whom should consider allowing Everton off the hook before they look a right kipper!!!!!

    Hows this for a spooky statistic: Did you know that in 1983 there were people - in 2006 there still will be.....in 1983 I had a headache at some point - In 2006 I will probably have another one - in 1983 Everton did not win the European Cup and in 2006 they wont win it either.....SPOOKY!


    Dean Evans

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