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  • A Yahoo! User May 26, 2005 18:23 Flag

    Dudek -did he cheat?!

    Cheat ? What are you talking about ? First of all there is a referee to notice that and to take action. Second thing: when you are thinking about saving a penalty - you simply don't pay attention to where you are jumping, moving. If it's a line or not, especially in a game like that. You focus on the shot.
    And the last thing: Dudek is one of the most polite and fair playing player I've ever seen. Not only on the pitch.

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    • Sorry - I maybe had my tv tuned into a different channel from you?!

      I was talking about his deliberate moving about on the line , shaking his legs, waving his arms about in the air like some animated monkey on drugs - in an attmept to distract the player taking the penalty!

      Fair point the referee should have dome somehting - exactly the point i am making!

      Oops I seem to have touched a raw nerve here?! :-)

      ps - have you met him?

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      • Tell me, was it the first penalty shoot out you've ever seen ?
        As far as I remember, many goalkeepers, from all over the world did many different (usually silly) things to enchant the goal, to save the penalty. I thought you were talking about leaving the line (Pirlo's shot), but if you mean Dudek's jumping, shaking, waving hands - keeper can do whatever he wants. It was no rules breaking. Read some books. You will know more. And about his personality. I don't have to meet him personally. Listen to his comments, press conferences, look how he's behaving during a game.