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  • Damn straight, being there last night was the greatest night i think i will ever experience and no moaning cockney, bitter blue or jealous manc could take that away from me.

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    • No Chelsea fan is jealous of you - we were cheering you on more then most... at least then, we could say we'd been beaten by the finalists hehe. Personally, I just hope that English clubs continue to do well in Europe... in the face of such adversity from both FIFA and UEFA bigwigs who constantly attempt to undermine our football.

      It's ridiculous how we're treated in respect of other footballing nations. Mourinho cals Frisk a cheat and is hit with touchline bans, fines etc... yet, Aragones is openly racist and is fined something like £5,000? You can bet if it was any manager of an English club, we'd be fined and banned... same with the Dida/Flare incident, racist chanting in Spain and other European countries.

      So for Liverpool to win against all odds, I'm very happy indeed... England 1 - Europe 0