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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 22, 2005 23:28 Flag

    Salute EVERTON the true champions of merseyside.

    typical blue nose jealous as ever of the true pride of merseyside all the glory hunting blues will crawl out of the woodwork because they think you might get somwhere how wrong they are.

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    • why would an everton fan bother us and why are they the true champs of mersey side i`d like to see what they`ve won i mean is there any european cup in there NO are they good enough for the european champions league NO will they be an emberisment OH HELL YEAH we`re the champs of mersey side and always will be you will for ever be in the shadow of the 5 time 5 time 5time 5time 5time euro champs
      p.s. who`s the 3 greatest club in europe last time i looked it went real madrid, ac milan and then LIVERPOOL cant see everton there