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    Why are other teams in England so bitter?

    All this talk and bitterness about Liverpool not winning the Premiership and not being a good team makes no sense to football fans around the world (Canada in this case). The Champions League is the foremost prize in Europe and to compare to a local championship like the Premiership is crazy, it’s not even close. This is the Champion of Champions, get it. The rest of the world knows that the best teams in Europe are in this league and the teams that win it go down in history. Teams like AC Milan, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Juventus, Barcelona, PSV Eidhoven, Ajax, Porto, Inter Milan, even Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest are legendary for their wins in this League. No one is ever legendary for winning just the Premiership and not Europe, no matter what records they set. If you can’t beat the rest of Europe you are just a good team. In five years the only thing anyone outside of England will remember about this year is Liverpool winning the Champions League.

    Secondly because this is the Champion of Champions why not be happy that a team from your country won it, that is an honour in itself and it happens far to rarely. Congrats to Liverpool for winning it again, you were already in the history books but it’s nice to see your name there again. The game will go down as the best final ever. Be happy for them, it was a great game.

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    • I forgot to mention that Everton, Arsenal and Chelsea won a few times also. Oh wait... that was only in their dreams.

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      • OK, firstly Arsenal have won the UEFA and the now defunct (thanks to Chelski winning it) ECWC when it was a good competition. The UEFA cup USED to be a stronger competition than the European cup in my opinion, before they let in 4, maybe 5 clubs from one country into the "champions league". Now the UEFA cup has been shamefully degraded, wheras once Milan were in the European cup, and Inter, Juve and Roma would be in the UEFA, now all the top clubs are in the Champions league, and clubs like Bolton and Boro are in the UEFA. Wenger was right, the champions league is now nothing more than a lottery, a real knockout cup competition, with all the freak results and un expected runs of the FA cup - look at Millwall last year. To say you can't be a GREAT club unless you've won it is a joke. Look at BARCELONA, they hadn't won it up till 1992 but having had the likes of Maradona, Linekar, Romario, Stoichkow, Koeman, De Stefano or Puskas, can't remember which one played for them before joining Real, they were always considered a monumental club. So are Arsenal.

    • I still can't believe they won, the great teams always find a way.

      Anyways here's the list of best teams in Europe

      Team / Cups / Years
      Real Madrid 9 (1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1966 1998 2000 2002)
      AC Milan 6 (1963 1969 1990 1989 1994 2003)
      Liverpool 5 (1977 1978 1981 1984 2005)
      Ajax 4 (1971 1972 1973 1995)
      Bayern Munich 4 (1974 1975 1976 2001)
      Benfica 2 (1961 1962)
      Inter Milan 2 (1964 1965)
      Juventus 2 (1985 1996)
      Manchester United 2 (1968 1999)
      Nottingham Forest 2 (1979 1980)
      FC Porto 2 (2004 1987)
      Aston Villa 1 (1982)
      Barcelona 1 (1992)
      Borussia Dortmund 1 (1997)
      Celtic 1 (1967)
      Feyenoord 1 (1970)
      Hamburg 1 (1983)
      Marseille 1 (1993)
      PSV Eindhoven 1 (1988)
      Red Star Belgrade 1 (1991)
      Steaua Bucharest 1 (1986)

      If you're not on the list you were NEVER the best, the only English teams I see are Liverpool (5), Manchester United (2), Nottingham Forest (2) and Aston Villa (1). Good job to those teams, keep trying all the others, just don't be so bitter about not being on the list.

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      • The funny thing is, Forest have won the champions league more times than they've won the English league.... listen, I don't think a clubs European record is the most accurate guage of the magnitude of a club. Malmo have been in more European cup finals than Arsenal, are they a bigger, better club? NO. I mean, for gods sake, I think Royal Engineers and Old Etonions have won more FA cups than the likes of Middlesboro, does that also make them better? Preston North End have won the league more times than Chelsea? a better club? Are Real Madrid REALLY more succesful than AC Milan, given that Real won the competition like 5/6 times in its infancy when there was only about 8 clubs in it, and Milan have dominated through the 80s and 90s .... not everything is as black and white as you think. Holland have never won the world cup, are you trying to tell me that the team of the 70s, with Cruyff and co who won 3 European cups consecutively at Ajax weren't a great team, or the team of the 80s with Rijkaard, Koeman, Van Batsen and Gullitt.... not a GREAT Team? I'm not convinced

    • The CHAMPIONS of EUROPE, great game.