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  • Andy W Andy W May 29, 2005 15:10 Flag

    Wielding the axe

    Rafa, if you find it necessary to wield the axe, and I bow to your judgment, might I suggest you start with Djimi Traore?! I would love a poound for every time people have got the better of or got away from him. He is the weakest link goodbye.

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    • As heroic as Liverpool's European triumph was we can't be blinded by sentimentality. There are at least a handful of Liverpool players who NEED to be replaced if we are to re-establish ourselves as a major force in football yet again.

      Kewell, Traore and Baros spring immediately to mind as they have not delivered the goods.

      Liverpool has always been a close knit 'family' of players and fans but, unfortunately one has to be ruthless in the pursuit of victory and if that means losing players who are popular with the team and fans but who will not provide the winning touch, then they will HAVE to go.

      Without a major reshuffle we will not be Premiership champions next year and will be looking for 3rd or 4th place at the very best. The opportunity to create a truly great side has not arisen for well over ten years now, so we CANNOT afford to let sentimentality spoil our chances now.

      If Rafa plays it right, next season will be a barnstormer!

    • harry kewell is worse

    • You'd probably end up with about £3.Djimi's problem is with his distribution and decision making,not his tackling or pace.Not many of the best defenders in Europe got past him on the way to the Champions League success.The final was typical Djimi,erratic in the first half,immense in the second.Surely he should be given another season working with Rafa to see if these errors can be ironed out once and for all. I suspect your judgement is based on the 5 minutes a week you see of him on Match of The Day where only his mistakes are highlighted.Similar to those people who thought Stig Inge Bornebye was the best crosser of a ball who'd ever worn the red shirt.Those of us who actually went to the game despaired at the 90% of times he hit the first defender.

    • You couldn't have chosen better. He is definitely the weakest link and also looks very clumsy on the ball. Makes one think why Everton stop pursuing his signature. The lucky sods.