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    Chamipons League mockery

    Being a complete neutral and manager of a team from the Northern areas league, I watched the champ league final like many others. There is an old saying in football that "it doesn't matter how good a team you have but if you don't have the luck you win nothing" and I've got to say that Liverpool played the luckiest game of football I can ever recall seeing with exception to a Cup winners cup final game many years ago that Man. Utd played and won in. The Milan side was magnificent deserved to win on merit and skill and were robbed. If I was a Liverpool supporter I would be happy my side had won the Cup but I certainly wouldn't be shouting from the rafters and bragging about it, I'd have to hang my head and honestly admit it's the luckiest win we ever had. Liverpool finished the premiership poorly and their final position tells its own tale, in some ways it makes a mockery of the European Championship when a team so poor can win the ultimate club tournament. We need to have true champions flying the flag of this country and therefore surely only the team that finishes top in the premiership should be playing in the European Cup, this would show who is truely the best team in Europe. Therefore in conclusion I think it was a sad day for the European Champions competition when Liverpool won it.

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    • If you want league champions only then Ac Milan would not be there either. Take ur Chelsea ass away because they would not have even been in it either. lol. True champions win the big games not Premiership games, take away injuries and Liverpool playing more games than anyone else in the league over all so they tired out and you have do have true champs. Give me Liverpools FULL team against anyones and you will see Champions, they have what you call HEART.

    • haibuk
      come in peace i am. such thought about who really deserve to win the CL actually came to my mind the day after i watched the amazing final. come to think of it, this kind of feeling or thought is so wrong. its not just in football, but all aspects of our lives. u said liverpool dont deserve to win it, but based on what? if ur words be the truth, then there's no even need for a competition. just give the trophy to the deserving team. the problem is, things are just not that simple. what is football? basically a competition between to teams in which the victor is decided by the greater ammount of goals scored. while the outcome of the game maybe the technical, the whole process of getting there itself is not. if you want it, u can do it. a better team on the pitch doesnt win if they dont have the desire to. u r a manager of a team? does ur team deserve to win the competition ur team compete in? if not, why do u even take part?
      good luck for ur team

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      • Quote: "We need to have true champions flying the flag of this country and therefore surely only the team that finishes top in the premiership should be playing in the European Cup".

        Err... that was Arsenal. What happened to them?

        A bit of a narrow-minded statement if you want to see English clubs do well on the European stage. We all know that success can be short lived in this game, so what does league position from 3 months earlier have to do with anything? If you can enter a competition and then battle your way through a league system, then a knockout system and then grind out a result in the final... doesn't that make you the best team in that competition?

        Team spirit is everything. Its what took Chelski to the Premiership title and what took Liverpool to the CL title.

    • sad day for the European Champions final? You were privileged to witness it's greatest ever fightback and you think it's sad? That's more than a little bit pathetic if you ask me.

      Okay, let's talk about luck. At 1-0 Nesta clearly handles the ball in the penalty area to deny Luis Garcia a clear goalscoring opportunity but the Ref waves play on and Milan break and make it 2-0. Whole different ball game if it's a penalty and a red card. 1-1 after 25 minutes with Milan down to 10 men? Wouldn't have been a contest after that so Milan were the lucky team in my opinion.

    • Now wait a minute!AC Milan may have been good in the first 45 minutes,they obviously left the pitch arrogantly thinking they'd won the cup!The rest of the game was Liverpool's you cannot tell anyone rooting for Liverpool any different.That game was the most amazing I have ever seen, I was truely elated when they won,you sound like a very mean spirited person and a bad sportsman.

    • As a Liverpool Fan i am obviously delighted that we won and that the trophy is now at Anfield forever.
      I agree that Milan are a better side but disagree that we were lucky to win.
      Milan won the first half, we won the second.
      However i do agree that only Champions of each country should be allowed to challenge for the crown of Champions of Europe.
      Same old story of money in soccer im afraid, more teams, more matches, more sponsorship and TV monies being paid.
      Back to the game itself, i think it will be remembered as The greatest Champions League Final ever and that the grit, determination and character shown by the Liverpool team in the second half was amazing and they are worthy winners. Credit too to the supporters, not many clubs have supporters that welcome them back onto the field of play when they are 3-0 down the way the Liverpool fans did.
      Heres to the future and many more success stories for Liverpool Football Club