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  • rory rory May 31, 2005 15:16 Flag

    Heres the pictures to prove

    Haha, Bayern Munich played u off the park when u won it, bet u dont think u were lucky in that one.
    U have to learn to be a good winner AND a good loser.
    Must be awful for you to Liverpool on the way up and utd on the way down.

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    • yawn...boring now all this on your way down for fuk sake lfc have won something and now all of a sudden its all lfc are back...makes me kind of sick really.

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      • Hahaha lookin back over theyears surely u must realise that UTD are the most over rated british team. At the hight of their game they didnt dominate Europe, as did Liverpool and Notts Forest, who have won the trophy twice the same as Utd.
        The champions league has been devalued by letting more teams in, i think just champions of their own country should be in it.
        So, we probably shouldnt have won it this year and you wouldnt have won it when u luckily beat Bayern.
        Best thing to do to decide who's best is count the trophies right from the start.
        Sorry, U lose and u know it. Liverpool FC Britains most successful club. read it and weep lmao