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  • KEVIN KEVIN Jun 10, 2005 00:23 Flag

    Champions League

    I am a lifetime Liverpool supporter but Rules are rules and I do not think they should be broken for anybody. Let the matter drop let the manager concentrate on this coming season and qualify by being in the top four of the league.
    Absolutely no way should the rules be changed. Lets congratulate and support Everton and the other English teams who have rightly qualified.
    Yes argue for changes to allow the holders to defend in the future but do not change the rules now just because it is Liverpool
    Shankley, Paisley and Fagan would not want this.

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    • people are punishing liverpool because they feel Liverpool does not deserve to be the champion. rules are made, so it can be changed. whats the big deal? are you afraid of liverpool? if u think ur team is good, then y u even need to fear them? liverpool won, and thats a fact, there is no question of whether they deserve it or not. who deserved it? chelsea? juventus? or even man utd? based on what? the riches? the talent? football is not math. the outcome cannot be calculated. if it can be, then its not a game or competition, its merely an exercise.

    • Here's the rule fella:

      (UEFA Articles 1.03) “At the request of the national association concerned, the UEFA Champions League title-holders may be entered for this competition, as an additional representative of that association, if they have not qualified for the UEFA Champions League via the top domestic league championship. If, in such a case, the title-holders come from an association entitled to enter four teams for the UEFA Champions League, the fourth-placed club in the top domestic league championship has to be entered for the UEFA Cup.”

      And you'll see that it does allow for Liverpool playing in the Champion's League next season.