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  • Xan Xan Apr 18, 2007 01:29 Flag

    Steven Gerrard

    red_till_i_am_dead look what you have done! Noone reads the dates, they are all shitting it!!! I was nice to see the thread and remind ourselves about some of the comments some 'fans' made. Having read his book recently i can say he was pretty close, but money NEVER, came into it, it was about the fact he was sick of having to worry about whether LFC were going to be in the champions league every year, let alone win the league. As soon as he met Rafa and with a pit of friendly persuasion from his dad ( well done that man) the decision was made and that was the end of it. Hopefully Rafa can get him to sign a new deal, i reckon he will, more importantly for me is that Carra is rewarded with a contract that show how valuable he is to the club.