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  • I'm sure we've all seen this before. Players and/or agents engineering a story that makes the club look bad."Steven really wants to stay but the club have put him in an impossibele position.................." etc etc.The fact is he signed an improved contract last year,what is the club supposed to do? Offer him a pay rise every year just to stop him leaving? At the end of the day,if he goes he'll be sorely missed but he can't keep holding the club to ransom every summer.Maybe I'm an old romantic but if I,like most of you,were playing for my home town team then wages wouldn't really be an issue, (i.e.Jamie Carragher).John Lawless,TNS striker,used to travel to Liverpool away games on the same coach as me when he was a kid,he was a right pain in tha arse,but he's in dreamland at the moment just at the very thought of playing at Anfield.Steven Gerrard shouldn't forget that he was like that once.

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    • i say good luck to him if he wants to leave. His heart obviously isnt in it no more..and would rather give a youngster his place that wanted to play with passion than pay £100000pw for someone that didnt?..i may be wrong, but didnt this happen with mcmanaman a few years back??

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      • Mcmanaman was the first big player in England to "do a Bosman".His situation was unique because he knew that with no transfer fee having to be paid for him he could command higher wages.This meant he was something of a guinea pig,he got slaughtered for doing what he done,but it's now accepted that players will do the same as he did. I think we all wished Owen luck when he left for Real.He has made it clear he would review his position at the club if it didn't look like we were gonna win big trophies i.e League and Champions League.Let's be honest,no-one thought we would so it was probably right for him to go especially as he could've done a Bosman 12 months later.
        Gerrard has been itching to leave for 18 months,and if/when he leaves it will be under a dark cloud,which is a shame.

    • I agree with you. If you're not 100% committed to the club you should leave, and see if the money makes you happy. I say take the 30m and let him go.

    • He didnt win that champions league medal on his own, hes got a team around him or maybe he thinks he is the team? Hes been a great player but i`d like to see how Shanks would have handled this one...........

    • I can't believe how many think this is a new thread , lol,
      I am not critisizing the every day fan , as you know I am a Utd fan , and I have dug up some old ones on there also , regarding some silly fans demanding Fergie to be sacked a few seasons ago.

    • red_till_i_am_dead look what you have done! Noone reads the dates, they are all shitting it!!! I was nice to see the thread and remind ourselves about some of the comments some 'fans' made. Having read his book recently i can say he was pretty close, but money NEVER, came into it, it was about the fact he was sick of having to worry about whether LFC were going to be in the champions league every year, let alone win the league. As soon as he met Rafa and with a pit of friendly persuasion from his dad ( well done that man) the decision was made and that was the end of it. Hopefully Rafa can get him to sign a new deal, i reckon he will, more importantly for me is that Carra is rewarded with a contract that show how valuable he is to the club.

    • Yes you are missing something, this is a very old thread, when Gerrard said he wanted to leave, but some of the comments from some so called fans are less than savoury. Its amazing how todays heros are yesterdays villains.