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  • lol,lol,lol, what like all the lfc fans predicting they will keep gerrard cos they have won the european cup. it aint gunna happen matey sorry to dissapoint you, 1 lucky win in the final and now its mighty lfc...for fucks sake you finished 5th...wakey,wakey.

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    • One lucky win doesn't make us mighty, 5 European Cups make us mighty, the most league titles of any club make us mighty, all the FA cups and League cups we've won. The mighty Manchester United can't even beat Birmingham. 2-2. Well done. The only reason why you are in 2nd place and Liverpool are in 3rd is because we went to Japan as champions, might I add 5 time champions of Europe. We have 2 games in hand and when we get back to the same amount of games played, it will be Liverpool who will be 2nd and in closing distance of Chelsea. Liverpool with their second treble of the millenium, I like the sound of that.