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    Out with the Old in with the NEW

    Firstly id like to say "You'll never walk alone" to Stevie G, I wish him good luck at Chelsea or Real Madrid. He may have turned his back on us and shown his true colors, but we have to respect him for what years of service he gave to us in his years at Anfield. If his heart isnt at Anfield then its best his leaving. Liverpool is bigger then one player, football is a team game.

    Now lets talk about the big cash were going to get from his departure, i mean, I think Chelsea are favourites to sign him, so lets milk it for its worth. Hopefull he will go for 40 million or above, that would give Rafa more then enough money to bring a few more quality faces in. I mean last year he bought Garcia and Alonso i think they were both around ten million each, if he can bring similar quality for similar price id say thats worth it.

    Gerrards departure wont effect Liverpools coming season much. We will have a bigger squad, which we lacked last year, and i beleive a second place finnish is a good chance, hell depending on who Rafa signs who knows, we might even win the league.

    Now the next Captain, a lot of people are saying it should be Carriger, I think it very well could be although i also think Shabi Alonso could do well to as Captain.

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    • I wish my manager would call me in and ask what terms I wanted. Rather than get upset as Steve G did I would be the happiest guy around.

    • Liverpool won't be any worse than last year without Gerrard.Simply because they couldn't get much worse...If you think winning the European Cup is the start of the glory days you are sadly mistaken and quite clearly living in a dream world.A 30 point defecit in the premiership from the Champions clearly shows you are a good cup team....even Wimbledon won a cup once!!!!!

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      • The only reason why we didnt do so well last year was because we had a lot of new faces in, some of the spanish players needed time adjust to the Premiership. Id also like to point out we had a lot of injury problems last year, at one point we didnt even have a fit Striker available.

        I dont know what TEAM you support, but its obviously clear your bitter we WON the Champions league, the biggest prize in football competition. Some thing Arsenal and Chelsea havent been able to do in recent years.

        We didnt win the Champions league by any fluke, we beat the best and desserved it. Juventes, Chelsea, AC MILAN, not to mention others before.

        Even Everton proved last year its not always about money, and i beleive in Rafa's tactics and management skills. Liverpool winning the league next season is very possible, and if they fall short i know the gap would be closed considerablly.