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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 6, 2005 05:12 Flag

    Out with the Old in with the NEW

    The only reason why we didnt do so well last year was because we had a lot of new faces in, some of the spanish players needed time adjust to the Premiership. Id also like to point out we had a lot of injury problems last year, at one point we didnt even have a fit Striker available.

    I dont know what TEAM you support, but its obviously clear your bitter we WON the Champions league, the biggest prize in football competition. Some thing Arsenal and Chelsea havent been able to do in recent years.

    We didnt win the Champions league by any fluke, we beat the best and desserved it. Juventes, Chelsea, AC MILAN, not to mention others before.

    Even Everton proved last year its not always about money, and i beleive in Rafa's tactics and management skills. Liverpool winning the league next season is very possible, and if they fall short i know the gap would be closed considerablly.