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  • Can somebody please tell me what it is about this 6" 7' bean pole because i fail to see it. A half decent season does not make him Liverpool FC standard. Add to that the fact we are competing with West Ham (no offence lads),for his services. We have lost Gerard because we are not signing quality players, simple as, its not money, but to see the European Champions chasing that standard of player must have been the straw that broke the camels back

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    • why spend money like that on a player like him we should of just added a bit more money and got owen back we all know he would bring in more sucess.

    • i disagree with you. just think.... if he was able to score all those goals last season with that crapy team... imagine what he'll be able to do with a real team behind him, plus... just look at how well he did against olimpiakos. i have faith in rafa and he's decisions and i'm sure crouch will probe to be a great buy.

    • Don't judge him because he has come from a lesser team (no disrespect), Why waste £20m on a supposed world class striker who in the end doesn't cut the grade and ends up going for a fraction of the price. Most clubs in the top flight have wasted money on "world class" players who are meant to be the next best thing but fade away after a season or two. Peter Crouch is a far more promising aquasition, he is obviously judged for his height but he has proved he has a deft touch and can hold the ball too. He is still young and with Rafas nurturing could end up being our leading goalscorer and a Michael Owens partner for England. You don't have to have a team full of superstars to be succesfull as we proved in last years European cup and also Greece winning Euro 2004. A good team spirit is more essential then a multi million pound squad of superstars. Viva la Rafalution.

    • I can't believe we have signed Crouch and Zenden both very average players in my eyes and I don't think they will make the difference and reduce the 37 point gap between us and Chelsea . another long season ahead .

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      • I disagree with you, see balance in a team is important, together the lesser quality players will begin to play like the better players, improving the whole squad, i think Crouch will be good, hes different, and maybe be looked down on, which is good for him. My guess is people won't take im seriously enough, up until he scores 2 goals, only then will it click with the other teams, that he is a threat.
        lets just see what happens, he might be great, but i can't see him being terrible either.
        we have a good team, one worthy of contesting with the likes of Chelsea, ManU and arsenel, I have complete faith in Rafa.

    • You know what?A striker don't just has to score many goals to let everyone know what he can do.In football,besides to score many goal,it must has some important things like possesion,teamwork etc. With 6" 7',this lads can make some defender feel like heading is a toughest things to do.So,I don't blame anyone to make such opinion,but,we just wait and see what he can do(hope he can do the job).

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      • I'll admit, i too have fears about his abililty and what he brings to our line-up apart from his height. But the fact is, since heskey, our front men have all fitted a similar frame, small in stature, speedy and relatively weak. That's why most of our attacking play is focused down the middle, It's why we get so many goals from the midfield, but it's also why it's easier for teams like blackburn to defend in numbers and keep us out. Crouch, if nothing else will give the like's of Garcia, Riise, Zenden and others, something to aim at. There's no doubt he will win a fair share and hopefully can set things up for the likes of cisse and morientes. He's also not a selfish player, seems to have some amount of awareness and has a decent pass as well. He can be a big asset (no pun intended) to our attacking line-up, let's all hope it turns out that way.

        Scouse and Proud.

    • TO ALL Saints Fans and Scousers :

      Crouch the Clown is not worth 11 or 12 pence - look what he did at the end of last season .... didn't think (difficult when you've no brain !) and got himself banned from the Super Saints most important game of the season - the long streak of pi$$ wouldn't get a game for a Sunday pub side - I'll be watching quality PREMIERSHIP football at Pompey or Wigan next season ....hope you Saints fans like watching your sorry team play Luton Town on a wet Wednesday night, still it will be interesting when Plymouth or Sheffield Wednesday visit (keep your big fat head down Rupert)

      and for you Liverpool fans......

      please please please buy this assho%$ and put the South coast out of their misery ................

    • I reckon Crouch will probably be another Heskey, have his useful moments but never really be fully appreciated for his efforts. It would however be good to have some more English players in the side and I'm afraid the only English striker that should be upfront is Owen, but I guess that is unlikely.

    • I sincerely hope that Benitez does not sign Crouch - he's an average player - Liverpool needs worldclass players up front.

    • I am a Southampton fan and that was good but Peter Crouch had a really good season and nearly kept them up but obviously didnt so i dont agree with you 100%

    • I totally agree although a little late, crouch to Liverpool, who would he partner. It just wont look right unless we get big dunc in, imagine that!!
      Why not get a little talent, how's about Fernando Torres he wont have any problems feeling at home.

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