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  • Just a note to say I completely agree with you on Crouch's value as a target, however isn't that part of the reason Benitez was willing to pay all those millions for a cup-tied, unfit Morientes? It just seems to me Crouch had a it of a freak season last year, kinda the opposite to the one Kezman experienced at Chelsea, and Crespo before him.

    Regarding Houllier's purchases also, weren't some of his 'average' signings Riise, Traore and more, who Benitez considers revelations and much improved players (have to agree with him on Riise -most consistent player last season bar none, shame about Traore).

    I suppose at least focussing on Crouch is in the interest of England as a nation, rather than Rafa's mission to import the entire Spanish reserve squad! I'd just rather spend a little more on Dirk Kyjt etc. What you think?

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    • peter crouch would be a a waste of money.why not invest in someone like dirk kyjt or look around for a more promising striker.ok he had a good enough season last campaign but i dont think he is consistant enough.robbie keane would be a better buy than crouch and would fit in well at liverpool.

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      • What i fail to understand is how rafa is determined to spend around 6 to 8 million on crouch but wont pay out 2 million for the services of figo. Whilst figo may be coming to the end of his game, you cant ignore his proven class and he still has the skill and flair liverpool need coming from the wing, even if his legs are not what they used to be.
        With Cisse, Nando AND baros can someone tell me how crouch is going to get in the team? He wont. He'll be a bench warmer, a damn expensive one too!
        I say we scrap the crouch deal, pay some of that cash on figo's 2 million and then look to buy someone else as a reserve striker for the amount a reserve striker should cost - no more then 5 million.

      • What happened to that whole Dirk Kruyt saga though. I meam after the champions league win, the press (and I suppose not the most reliable source), were all about how he wanted to come over, yadda, yadda?!?