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  • Mafe Mafe Jul 12, 2005 00:52 Flag

    gerrard is a coward

    i must accept that i was dissapointed when i first heard that stevie was leaving cos he has always been so true to the team that i just never thougth that was possible but once he said he wasn't going anywhere i knew i was right all along.... stevie is not only one of the best (if not the best) players out there, but he's also extremly loyal to his team and he'll never leave as long as the fans and the team want him here.

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    • I have been a red since the cup final in 65 and I have lived and breathed LFC ever since but after this saga, Shanks would be turning in his grave. Stevie G has a great engine but the last couple of years he believes to be the dogs and unfortunately he aint. Do you remember the pre-match chat with him against (I think) Juventus, he wasn't playing and he dissed his team mates chances, hardly promotes team spirit. And if I remember he never played well against any of the top clubs last season.
      His heads been messed with and he is starting to believe the hype about himself being a legend which unfortunately has effected his game. At the moment his game is quite mediocre..

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      • unfortunatly i agree with you. somehow I did not feel happy at all when i have heard that Stevei will stay in LFC. I felt absulutly fine with Xabi leading the guys. for me he is more Liverpool than a man that hanging arround with the Londoners and feel to big for the Europeen champions !!!???
        the reason he is staying is also not the right reason. as i felt not confident to leave so he stay!? what about the passion he is promising all the time?