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  • duncan m duncan m Jul 7, 2005 04:51 Flag

    Gerrard has made the right choice

    Wow, what a 24 hours it has been! No doubt Chelsea fans are gutted (as if Stevie would have gone there anyway!)

    Surely now he has answered all of the critics. The lad is Liverpool, to the bone. sure, the £35 million would have bought two top class players but Stevie's influence and presence on the pitch is priceless.

    As much as I dearly love Liverpool I don't think we should expect him to stay after the next season unless we show a MASSIVE improvement in the Premiership and win at least one major trophy. I think we have the best chance of regaining our standing in world football for many a year now and I think Gerrard knows this and realises that a player of his ability needs a challenge, and that is something both Chelsea and Real Madrid won't offer him. Stevie plays best when he has something to prove and Liverpool, HIS team, has a lot to prove.

    You're a true gem Stevie and it's great to know there are some footballers left in the game who REALLY have a heart.

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    • hi

      I support Chelsea and am far from gutted. Where would we have played him? Unless Lamps picks up and injury he would have found it hard to get a starting place. He is a great footballer, but its crazy to suggest Chelsea fans are feeling sore.

      PS I do think he is a great player, and would make a great replacement for David Beckham as England captain. (sooner the better) So dont think I'm anti Liverpool :)

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      • Nice to see a Chelsea fan being resonable about things.

        As for the comment at the top of the thread about Stevie leaving after next season if Liverpool don't perform... he's stated that all he wants to do is win the EPL with Liverpool, and that if he doesn't do it this season, then it will happen at some stage during the next four years of his 'clauseless' new contract. Simply put, Stevie (and Carra for that matter) are going nowhere for the next four years at least.

        Whilst I think Chelsea will still be the team to beat next season, I also think that there wont be such a runaway leader at any stage, with the top five or six clubs all keeping things pretty tight. Can't wait!!!

    • I agree that Gerrard has made the right decision to stay at Liverpool, especially as he would probably have rotated with Lampard if he had gone to Chelsea, they're so similar in style.
      If he is to stay, the squad must be strengthened though. I have three names for Rafa - Aimar, Essien & Makaay

    • If he'd gone anywhere it could only have been Chelsea I don't know where the speculation about Real Madrid came from
      no way would he have gone there after the way Michael Owen was benched for much of last season