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  • as u all know i am a huge fan and i want liverpool to win trophies but to do that we need world class players in our team so i think it would be great if we signed figo because he is a great player what to u all think

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    • He is a great playing but one that is on his way out. We need to find young players who we can give a chance to settle into the premiership everyone says forigner need at least one season to adapt to the game by which time he is on his way again!! look at pelligrino supposed to be and excellent player were is he now?

    • Why Rafa is not paying 2 million for Figo, because it is not a long term investment due to the player's age. We want the club to play well next season and the seasons after.

      We have already released many young lads. I am happy that we are not replacing them by a troop of grandpas.

      If we need someone on the right flank so badly, we should not have let Diouf go. Figo may give Liverpool more problems than Diouf had. I do not feel Figo will be an asset, but more a liability.

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      • we have someone to play on right - cisse - then crouch centre and baros on left. i dont get why he wants to sell baros when he is clearly just coming good, he works tirelessly and never gives up, just needs to work on his finishing , but who doesnt? the only way i'd like to see him go is if we got owen back!

        we dont need figo but it would be great to have him for a season or two to see who else he attracts, potters not ready but would learn a lot from figo.

    • I am not a liverpool fan, but i do prefer them out of all premiership teams and they do need some world class players but whats important is that they jell together and not lose too many games like last season. Liverpool deserve a good crack at the premiership title this season but thats up to them.

    • depends how much moey he'd cost

    • I agree, Figo at Anfield would be good.
      Not only when he is in the team but also when he is training with the youngsters coming through. He could teach them so much.

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      • i'm sorry but i'll have to disagree. i'm a big figo fan esp. during the 1998 n 2002 WC but i've been watching Real games lately n Figo just ain't as good as he used to be. Maybe its age or maybe he's just past his prime. On top of that, Figo is a man of big ego. I know they all are but this guy is something else so i don't think he will fit into the culture at Liverpool. Great Liverpool teams of the past have always been made up of great players but without the super egos. Remember guys like Rush, Barnes, Grobellaar, Souness, Dalglish, Keegan n many more.