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  • mike mike Jul 20, 2005 01:02 Flag

    best supported club in england!!!!

    Liverpool are now considered to be the best supported British club across the world, according to a leading sports consultants company.
    A report published today by German-based Sport+Markt AG has revealed that following the recent Champion League success our worldwide fan base has increased by 10 million.

    It goes on to say that we can now boast 18 million supporters across the world, a figure bettered only by Real Madrid (32 million) and Barcelona (23 million) in Europe.

    Spokesman Oliver Butler says: "The huge increase in the number of Liverpool fans showed how influential success can be in the size of support. The size of the increase would also point to a high level of latent support which had gone underground due to a recent lack of success."

    Sport+Markt AG's top nine best supported European clubs

    1. Real Madrid
    2. Barcelona
    4. Juventus
    5. Milan
    6. Manchester United
    7. Arsenal
    8. Bayern Munich
    9. Chelsea

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    • What a load of tripe !

    • While the suppotrers that were around before the CL victory are some of the best supporters I've seen. Having said that, I think it's safe to assume is that this recent increase in supporters is due, at least in part, to glory hunters jumping on the bandwagon. Which is a shame. And a little weird...Chelsea?

    • Northern monkey.

    • No comprende... I'm sorry, for someone with degree's you can't type sentences of any merit. I'm bored of your tedious existence, go to the library in your awful new blackcurrant shirt... go play "we're the champions..." without Vieira ;o)

      Vieira, woaaahoo, Vieira, woaaahooo, he comes from Senegal, he's left the Arsenal....

      Bye bubs.

    • Go and conduct your silly little rants on another board you stupid cockney twats!!

    • man, you make me laugh when you say you are more educated than me...the difference is i am trying to impress anybody. But if you want man, i can speak 5 languages, got 3 degree and a master.So what you talking about?? and iam far to be 30...never mind. Chelsea:30years without a league...what about arsenal??sorry, tell me again? and 49 games with NO defeat??can you explain that to me?? you have NO history in your club, and you BOUGHT last year, just admit it...You are just pathetic little boy.Dont think you are a man...Please, do yourself a favour and get yourself a life

    • I get mocked because I'm educated?

      Wow... Arsenal fans are getting desperate these days. You take it out of context...? I was merely implying you're a pathetic old man, with no future, and a dead end job. No one else was mentioned. Just your sorry existence. I'm not trying to impress - just live with it, that an 18yr old has more qualifications then you. Thirty years? Try thirty seconds... and fake? We'll see how you languish without Vieira. Arsenal is the FAKEST club on the planet, supporters with no vocal chords. No wonder they call it the library. This is a club that booed their hero Ian Wright when he didn't score... a club that never sings... a club whose fans are as passionate as undertakers... how is it hard to be a 'silver spoon'?... money does a lot of things...

    • well done baby boy for you As...but dont forget that means nothing. My god, i knew you were pretentious, but I thought at least you were a bit less stupid...what you said is that if you dont have qualification you are "a retard"??well, in this case most of your friends from chelsea should be in an hospice by now. And by the way, if you really believe you can impress me or anyone with that,stop dreaming.Just dream about another PremierLeague for your FAKE team, because it aint going to happen again for the next 30 years at least.Admit it, you are FAKE and the team you support is even more FAKE ! its ok baby boy, dont cry please...I know it must be hard for you to be a silver-spoon or a mummy boy.But nobody is perfect,thats exactly why there is chelsea fan and stupid lawyers.

    • yes but all true liverpool fans know this already never mind the scum or the blues its all about the reds an the only true champions in red play at ANFIELD

    • No... a law degree.

      I know you were taught that a Lawn Degree was a good career move... I mean, when you moved from McDonalds to Homebase it must have seemed a great prospect. I got 7A*'s and 5A's... I think I had more qualifications at sixteen then you hold now. So once again, I thaaaank you. Fake supporter? There was nothing fake about being at the Library when we beat you in that CL quarter final, what a night... nothing fake about winning the Premiership at a canter... My mum... is a barrister? I don't understand your attempted joke...

      Are you just annoyed you can't sing your only song...?

      Aww... it's alright.

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