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  • Richard Richard Aug 4, 2005 18:32 Flag

    Cisse down the right?

    So, Rafa is currently looking for a right winger and a central defender to complete the new look Reds. Well, based on the pre-season friendlies and Euro qualifiers, the one thing that has become apparent is how Cisse seems to like to drift out on to the right wing and is obviously a bit of a utility in this respect, so why not allow him a free role based on the right wing position? He obviously has stacks of pace and is a major threat when he takes off down the wing because he can also choose to either come inside and run at defenders or to send decent crosses in from the touchline. He is obviously also a deadly presence in the box at all other times. With Riise's pace down the left and Cisse's down the right, this could make things very interesting for Crouch and 'a strike partner' in the box.... which leads me to wonder whether Owen would be a more ideal partner? Owen thrives on service and when he's getting crosses whipped in from either side and balls threaded through down the middle from Stevie G , Bolo and Xabi, he would be pretty certain to be slotting them in every week. With Le Tallec having gone on loan to Sunderland this week, and Baros just waiting for the right deal to come along, surely there is just cause to seriously consider the return of the little fella? Morientes is still failing to impress and Sinama-Pongolle, whilst useful at times, is just coming back from injury so it's probably going to be a good few months before he's match fit and up to the mark.

    This would just leave Rafa with the extra Central Defender headache, (although young Zak Whitbread looks to be shaping up quite nicely and will certainly fill the gap on the left) so what do you all reckon? Rafa stated that he wasn't looking for a new striker and reeled of the list of who he currently has up front... yet one has already gone and another could go at any time, so could he be considering alternative options which might include the return of Owen?

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    • Not a good idea. First and foremost, Cisse is a striker. A natural right winger is the real answer.

    • Wow maybe you should be on the Board at Liverpool.

      That actually makes a lot of sense.

      I agree with the Ledley King comment. An international player with proven ability in the Prem already. Working with Gerro and Carra will make our National team better as well as a Prem outfit more productive.

      Morientes would be made to play for position as would Owen, somthing Owen never really had to do before at Liverpool.

      Ledley may cost about £5 - £8 million but the benefits would be excellent.

    • definately the right idea. cisse naturally drifts out to the right and i've noticed that for england, owen tends to go left

      crouch in the middle to knock down for gerrard to play in the fast guys.

    • You dead right, mate!! You have forgotten to mention our other 2 great crossers of the ball, Finnan and Riise. These 2 have proven to be invaluable, in both their attacking and defending roles. Crouch will really have to prove himself and capitalise on the service he is bound to get. Owen's height in this respect, would have proven to be a disadvantage. However, he IS Owen after all and any team would love to have him on their books.

      Morientes has definitely got to wake up!! I mean some of the misses he's had in recent times, even Rosenthal wouldn't miss those ;-) But he has to be given a chance and I hope to be eating my words soon!!

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      • For a little guy, Owen's well known for being able to jump quite high. He does pretty well against the non-giant like defenders. Obviously crouch wuld have the advantage though.

        And even if Owen doesn't come to Liverpool, we could see this pairing up front for England. If not quite the same quality of crosses!

      • I know it was mentioned during the game the other night, but with Crouch's height in the box, he doesn't necessarily need to be thinking about heading on target all the time. It could be a perfect Toshack / Keegan scenario - the big guy nodding the crosses down for the little guy to run in on and slot home. Owen - as exactly that kind of player - would thrive on that.

    • I agree 100% mate. Henry does it week in for Arsenal as he is naturally a wide player and how much would they miss him if he was to leave. If Owen does come back we would have a multitude of striking options that could suit any game we play. I think we should make an offer for Spurs Ledley King. Every time I see him play he seems un phased and always plays a simple game.