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  • He may have been Boro's best player last season, but he's far from convinced me. I think the geezer's had his day. When I see a player walk away from the club that helped him make his name, that says to me he only plays football to be seen. He comes across as the kinda player that goes out there for himself and not the team, much like a Laurent Robert, just less chatty.

    In the games I've seen him play, he's done nothing to impress me. He tries to do too much and when he should be passing the ball, or putting crosses in, he seems more inclined to run at defenders or shoot from impossible angles - Neither of which he seems to be very good at.

    He's got nothing on Riise and I'd rather see Riise and Warnock on our left wing. They've got the kinda understanding we need and both are young lads who will play with their whole hearts for the 90.

    He may have been free, but I don't think it was a good choice. Therz no doubt that Momo has got the goods, Crouch mite do some damage, and the likes of Potter, Warnock and Whitbread have waited for their turn and are eager to impress.

    I'd like to see those boys used more.

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    • I agree - Zenden is like pizza put for the third time into the oven. Good only when you are very hungry.

    • give the lad some time to settle down.he could produce
      some brilliant moves as we've seen him done it before.but i wonder how long luis garcia will take to impress you and me.frankly i m not impress at all

    • A very average player and not one to help us if we want to win the premiership .

    • I think Zenden has worked well down the wing. Good crosses, nice ball work and looks to be working hard. Got some skill turning to his left or right. Maybe the Ginola like haircut is throwing you off!

    • Don't quite agree with you. He has completed his contract and he is entitled to move. Player's professional life is short and he has to experience playing for a team like Liverpool. At least he has better attitude than Michael Essien who goes on strike!
      I think Zenden will present more option and width to the team. He is definitely more reliable than Kewell, who is a big disappointment. That can only be good for the team. I think we were terribly short of options last season with the long injury list.

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      • he's proving his worth I can add and a bargain too for the Rafa

      • I dunno.... I've got a good feeling about Zenden. I think it is only natural that he will need some time to settle in and become a natural part of the Liverpool ethic. I think at the moment he has that all too common problem where a new player hasn't quite worked out what is expected of him yet and goes hell for leather in trying to prove that he was a good signing. I don't think he has a major ego problem or anything like that. Of course, one of the other problems that any Liverpool midfielder faces at the moment is that they have probably the best midfielder in the world playing alongside them, and they are always going to have their work rate and success measured against Stevies... which is a tough act to follow. I'm giving Bolo til Christmas to prove his worth (by which time I reckon he will have chalked up at least half a dozen goals) and then I'll re-asess.