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  • I dunno.... I've got a good feeling about Zenden. I think it is only natural that he will need some time to settle in and become a natural part of the Liverpool ethic. I think at the moment he has that all too common problem where a new player hasn't quite worked out what is expected of him yet and goes hell for leather in trying to prove that he was a good signing. I don't think he has a major ego problem or anything like that. Of course, one of the other problems that any Liverpool midfielder faces at the moment is that they have probably the best midfielder in the world playing alongside them, and they are always going to have their work rate and success measured against Stevies... which is a tough act to follow. I'm giving Bolo til Christmas to prove his worth (by which time I reckon he will have chalked up at least half a dozen goals) and then I'll re-asess.